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The Best Tablet Navigation Tool

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The Best Tablet Navigation Tool Empty The Best Tablet Navigation Tool

Post  Andrew Bennett on Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:51 am

This application exceeds all expectations, and it's free. I walk about 500 miles a year in the UK and use OruxMaps on a Motorola Xoom in a waterproof case. Combined with the OS Multimap 25k maps on OruxMaps it is perfect. As always, some people are never satisfied and there is just one small thing I would like to be able to do. I normally plan a route using Google Earth with Gavin Brock's 50k OS overlay on a big screen. Gavin Brock deserves a mention too for making this possible. The route is then transferred to Oruxmaps on the Xoom where I can see it on the 25k map. The waypoints may then be a little way off the marked footpaths on the 25k map and it would be nice to drag them onto the path on the Xoom using the mouse as you can in Google Earth. It doesn't really matter that much as the route you are trying to follow is clear in any case, but for the sake of neatness it would be nice to have the waypoints on the route. But once again, this is a fantastic application for walkers and I'm sure many other outdoor activities. Thank you very much.

Andrew Bennett

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