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Switching maps when zooming out

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Switching maps when zooming out

Post  sandramcneil on Tue May 01, 2012 6:40 pm

I want to use vector data maps from mapsforge for zoom levels > 12 and tile graphics created by mobac for zoom levels <=12.
Using vector maps in small zoom levels is painfully slow on my smartphone, but at levels above 12 it is fine.

So I start with loading a tile graphics map, press "+" to zoom in and after I have reached level 12, oruxmaps automatically loads the mapsforge map. This way it works perfectly.
But when I zoom out pressing "-" oruxmaps stays with the mapsforge map.

Is it possible that oruxmaps automatically loads tile graphics maps as soon as any is available for the choosen zoom level? Maybe with a new entry in the settings menu like "Try to switch from vector to tile graphics maps when zooming out at zoom levels smaller than X".


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