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Osmosis and mapsforge conversion to .map works well in OruxMaps

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Osmosis and mapsforge conversion to .map works well in OruxMaps Empty Osmosis and mapsforge conversion to .map works well in OruxMaps

Post  knappmiller on Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:29 am

I downloaded the Wash DC .map file yesterday and was happy with the result on Orux. I used Osmosis and mapsforge to convert OSM to first Connecticut, then Virginia, and then the entire NE US .map files. They all open in Orux! There seems to be a bit of missing data in some spots, not nearly as pretty as the Mapnik render, but now as back up I have all of these roads available offline. The entire NE is about 250MB .map file size, (about 6.5 GB uncompressed), but on a 32GB card, this is well worth it!

As an update I also did the us-south.map. It is about 4x larger than the NE so had to use the hd option to process, so took about 9 hours to complete even on a fast system with SSDs, but the result is about 800 MB. Between NE and S though I now have about 40% of the US in 1 GB, and can zoom down to level 20 that is even showing the outline of individual buildings. Very nice. I just wish that these were available directly for download on the mapsforge downloads site, and for that matter the entire US in one file. Many smaller files are available on http://download.mapsforge.org/ though.

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