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NZTM2000 Projection for kiwis and visitors

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NZTM2000 Projection for kiwis and visitors Empty NZTM2000 Projection for kiwis and visitors

Post  garrick.leonard on Sun Oct 14, 2012 6:40 am

Hello Orux.

I am using version 5.0beta18.
Offline vector Maps of New Zealand:
1) garmin aust nz topo v3 (converted the gmapsupp.img from a gps to same format using gmaptool to fix partial blank map problem)
2) hiking map of nz (openandrmap.org it has contour lines wow!)
3)nz dem data (*.hgt files) which shows up well in dashboard

test 1
Phone os: Android 2.2.2 froyo
GPS altitude correction was needed and it works well (c.f. dem and borrowed gpsmap62s, required ~20-30m correction)

investigated nztopo50 maps supplied by linz: the garmin maps are better for contour details and more up to date with trails.
I prefer the vector maps for countrywide coverage (refer to earlier posts by tazzydem in this forum)

Suggested addition:
enable nztm2000 coordinates to displayed on dashboard (a very useful tool)
NZGD2000 - NZTM2000 source code link: http://www.linz.govt.nz/geodetic/software-downloads.
The code produces an accurate transformation from (phi,lamda) to (N,E) and back.



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