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Android 4.2 and MTP - PC can't "see" new map files

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Android 4.2 and MTP - PC can't "see" new map files

Post  erezgur on Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:10 pm


I've upgraded my Samsung Nexus to Android 4.2.1, this version supports multi user environment, so some directories are not exectly where they are seen ...

I created an offline map file from the online maps using the Map Create menu. When I connect the phone to the PC (MTP protocol), open file explorer on the PC (Win 7) and brows the phone "memory card", I can find only the "old" map files on the phone and not the new one.

I did try restarting the phone, refreshing the display etc.

I ended up using 3rd party file explorer like MyPhoneExplorer (I think that wifi Explorer which should work as well), but I think that orux placed the newly created map file in a different location than the old maps (\data\media\0\oruxmaps and not \sdcard\oruxmaps) and the new folder is not accessable using the standard MTP of android 4.2

Can someone verify this behavior?
Is it going to be fixed so map files can be easily moved to and from the PC and phone storage?


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