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MOBAC offline maps download - missing map

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MOBAC offline maps download - missing map Empty MOBAC offline maps download - missing map

Post  peterjupiter on Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:23 pm

Dear friends
I'm a bit desperated, I'm trying to create offline maps with MOBAC 1.9.11.
partly maps from Ethiopia, Africa. Some were proper created with many many MB and it took sometimes two
days to download. So Addis Abeba Region worked well, also Debre Markos region and Pawi region.
But now I like to create Bahir Dar region with Gondar in the north. I tried several times, but the result is always
the same, download is finished within one minute, data size is very small, and after copying to orux I just see a small
part of the map.
Does anybody have an idea, what going wrong with this.
Java 7 update 15 , win 7 home edition
Thanks and br


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