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Google's POIs - casual travelling use.

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Google's POIs - casual travelling use.   Empty Google's POIs - casual travelling use.

Post  rayonline on Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:05 am

Hi, I was suggested by someone about Orux. I have installed it into my phone and have learnt how to save areas of it with the two taps. I don't need all the advanced features. But is is possible to import the POIs from Google Earth off my PC into my phone running Orux? I use GE to save points, it would be handy if I could just import them over. I know I can add them one at a time using the phone itself thou.

I have used mapswithme for my last trip b/c I didn't have much time to learn about Orux. The thing I liked about it was I could just download a country map and it worked out of a box. But I did had to add my own POIs b/c the database wasn't extensive Smile


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