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Hermannskogel Serbia

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Hermannskogel Serbia Empty Hermannskogel Serbia

Post  pedja on Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:54 pm

For those using Hermannskogel Serbia datum for OziExplorer maps here is datum info for OruxMapsDesktop:

Hermannskogel Serbia|Serbia|Bessel 1841 (Namibia)|653.000000|-212.000000|449.000000|0.000000|0.000000|0.000000|0.000000

Just insert this line into datums.txt in OruxMapsDesktop directory.

If you do not have this datum in OziExplorer here is the line to add in OziExplorer's datums.dat:

Hermannskogel Serbia, 3, 653, -212, 449

Details about datum used for topo maps of Serbia and ex Yugoslavia are provided at



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