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Incorrect GPS locaction

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Incorrect GPS locaction Empty Incorrect GPS locaction

Post  SoltyPK Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:51 pm

Love this app but its been displaying my location incorrectly lately. My gps loc is -112.0W
and not 112.0W so its been puting me in china. anyway Thanks again for this app.


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Incorrect GPS locaction Empty Re: Incorrect GPS locaction

Post  Psycogeek Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:48 am

it must have something to do with your map ? because i am in minus world too -121 -119 and all, and i see that the XML has the minus in the map , and yet it shows correct for me?
there is 2 ways to do minus, and that is to call it W121 or say -121 , if whatever is making your map used the other convention , mabey that is what is doing it?
to use -W121 would befuddle many of these apps, because it would be a (sort of) reverse negative ??

no i have no idea how all this works , that is just what is seems like.

if you have a XML file for a SQlite type of map item, and it is not to large, you could possibly post the text of it?

you did not provide enough information to do anything other than make wild speculation , which is fun :-)
could you tell us
what you used to make the map?
what format is the map using?
how did you "calibrate" said map item?


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