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Image bit depth Empty Image bit depth

Post  Map_maniAc on Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:54 pm

Hi all,

At first I have to say that OruxMaps is by far the best mapping application for android. Simply GREAT!!!
OruxMapsDesktop also it is a very helpful and easy to use program. But in my opinion it lacks of a very important feature: the possibility to specify the bit depth of the output maps.

In order to satisfy my cartographical perversion Twisted Evil I've converted 426 Mb of calibrated black and white (1bit) tiff files representing the 1:10000 map of the region where I live (Piemonte).

The conversion process was successful and now I can look at my maps everywhere I go Very Happy ...but the size of the generated sqlite files (png format 80-85% quality, no mutlilayer) is 2.15 Gb Shocked

I don't know very much how sqlite works, and probably I am mistaking, but I suspect that the images contained in the sqlite file are not 1bit color depth anymore.
But I am pretty sure that the png format (which uses a compression algorithm similar to tiff files) can store 1bit images, which in the case of black and white maps can dramatically reduce the file size.

Due to that I suggest to add the option to specify the bit depth of the output maps.

Thank you again for the great app,



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