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Mapinfo "TAB" file

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Mapinfo "TAB" file Empty Mapinfo "TAB" file

Post  Randolph on Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:17 am

Hi, Orux,

I use OruxMaps Desktop conversion offline maps, but OruxMaps Desktop does not support Mapinfo "TAB" calibration file, can you support "TAB" file in next version? Example of "TAB" file:

File name: GuangzhouNorth12.tab

File contents:
!version 300
!charset WindowsLatin1

Definition Table
File "GuangzhouNorth12.jpg"
(113.197915, 23.405169) (0, 0) Label "NW",
(113.197915, 23.082457) (0, 1023) Label "SW",
(113.549018, 23.405169) (1113, 0) Label "NE",
(113.549018, 23.082457) (1113, 1023) Label "SE"
CoordSys Earth Projection 1, 104
Units "度"



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