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Cannot convert ozi map

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Cannot convert ozi map Empty Cannot convert ozi map

Post  deuce Tue Mar 30, 2010 11:28 am

I am trying to convert a ozi map to use. I've been able to extract a png file from the .KAP file using bsb2png.exe.

However when I use oruxdesktop referencing the .map file and the newly generated .png the process completes but when I copy the files across to android device it seems that the co-ordinates are all messed up.

Steps I have gone thru:

1) bsb2png.exe <file.kap> <out.png>
2) oruxdesktop and open file.map and reference out.png
3) All looks ok and the ort2k file + png generate and seem to display fine when copied across to android.
5) The x-axis (latitude?) is ok but the y-axis (longtitude?) is completely wrong.

From the .map file:

MMPLL,1, 148.001217, -36.248482
MMPLL,2, 148.501285, -36.248459
MMPLL,3, 148.501224, -36.498451
MMPLL,4, 148.001253, -36.498441

in the generated ort2k file:

<CalibrationPoint corner="TL" lon="-32.004106405132696" lat="-36.24545365125594" />
<CalibrationPoint corner="BR" lon="-31.49388977345206" lat="-36.501811734866145" />
<CalibrationPoint corner="TR" lon="-31.494445133832798" lat="-36.24583605657092" />
<CalibrationPoint corner="BL" lon="-32.00507814461441" lat="-36.51288238343222" />

I have sent you an email with a link to all the files - hoping you can explain what I'm doing wrong.

Please let me know if you need any more details.



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