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simplify download process and usability for larger number of detailed maps

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simplify download process and usability for larger number of detailed maps Empty simplify download process and usability for larger number of detailed maps

Post  theksmith Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:27 pm

I would like to request that you make the program easier to use for those of us that need detailed maps of large areas. Specifically in 2 functional areas:
- downloading the maps
- selecting (and auto-selecting) the correct maps

Proposed new "downloading maps" user story:
- I should be able to select a large area, such as an entire state - example Arizona (USA)
- I should then be able to pick any zoom ranges that I want - example Google Maps (street), zoom levels 0-15
- The program should tell me that this is estimated to be 10GB of data (as it does now)
- If choose to continue, the program should allow me to name this new "map set" and then automatically split this huge download up into individual 500MB chunks...
--- each 500 MB chunk of work (file) should be queued up for download
--- one chunk at a time is downloaded, when it completes, the next chunk download begins
--- the higher zoom levels should be downloaded first
--- the individual chunks should be created in a smart way (i.e. zoom levels 0 - 12 might be one 500mb file, then zoom level 13 might be another 500 mb file, then zoom level 14 might need to be 4 individual files)
--- the individual files for each map set should sit in a sub-folder with the same name as the map set. each file will be the name of the map set with the zoom level appended and then another identifier when a zoom level is broken down into multiple files (example: AZ Streets 0-12, AZ Streets 13, AZ Streets 14 A, AZ Streets 14 B, AZ Streets 14 C)
- I should now be able to continue back to the normal ORUX interface, or even switch to another app, and the individual download tasks should still run. i should be able to pause or stop any of the tasks, or stop the entire map set download. (please see the Trimple Outdoor Navigator app for an example of how this could work, they have the individual download tasks stuff all figured out - other than that the app does not compare to ORUX's power)

Proposed new "map selection" user story:
- When I am presented with the offline map chooser dialog, show me map-sets instead of individual files.
- Show a plus sign (+) next to each map set and allow me to "expand" a map set if I need to in order to see a list of individual files and then select just one of those (I don't anticipate needing this feature, but some might).
- By default, when zooming in/out and auto-loading maps, stay within a chosen "map-set". Do auto-load each zoom level from whatever chunk is required, but don't show any prompts - keep this transparent.
- Have a preference for whether to even prompt to change map sets when you zoom too far in/out (past the capabilities of a map set). I like the auto-load feature, but only within a set of maps - I prefer to always stay within a map set once I've selected it. Example - if I have a map set of AZ Streets, zoom level 0-12, and I have a map set of AZ Terrain, zoom level 0-14, then I don't necessarily want to be prompted to switch to terrain when I try to zoom too far into Streets.

Thank you for considering these feature requests. In summation, I feel that "map-sets" would address several other people's requests to merge map files or otherwise group files as well as make the interface simpler yet at the same time more capable. The additional request to automate the download process for large-area (detailed) sets of maps works with this feature and would also greatly simplify the user experience.


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simplify download process and usability for larger number of detailed maps Empty Another Option

Post  tiffle2173 Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:59 am

I agree with theksmith, the current process for downloading large area of maps is quite difficult.
theksmith's suggestion woula be excellent but a simple stop-gap change would be very helpful.
When in MapCreator it would help if we could see the tiles that have already been stored offline - simply shading the previously downloaded area would be a great help.
At present it is very difficult to determine the next area (set of tiles) to be downloaded without leaving gaps. It appears that the program automatically eliminates overlaps but I can't see away to ensure I don't leave gaps.
Can anyone help, please?


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