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export klm and photos wpt to google maps

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export klm and photos wpt to google maps Empty export klm and photos wpt to google maps

Post  Gian Andrea on Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:40 pm

A the end of the recording session I see on oruxmaps the trak with the "camera" icons in the places where I took the photos wpt (georeferenced pictures).
Once finished the track I export a kml file to view on google maps or google earth.
On Google Maps I see the track (kml) but not the photos.
I don't know haw to export both the kml and the georeferenced photos together. I'd like to see on google maps what I see on oruxmaps, that is both the track and the "camera" icons, to see the photos if I click on them.
Gian Andrea

Gian Andrea

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