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Post  drmrbrewer Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:47 am

First, thanks for the excellent app!

When you edit the properties of a recorded track, adding the activity type (e.g. walking, cycling), and then upload the same track e.g. to mapmytracks, the activity type does not carry across into the upload dialog: i.e. you have to set it again, even you you have already set it. Perhaps this is a limitation that you can't avoid, because the activity categories of mapymytracks don't necessarily match? It would be nice not to have to enter it twice.

After uploading a track to an online service, it would be nice to have some sort of confirmation of this against the track on the device; e.g. a marker to show that it has already been uploaded (so you don't do it again, or don't miss one). Since there are multiple services available, perhaps the properties of the track can reflect which services have been uploaded to?

Live tracking to mapymytracks: it would be nice to be able to set the interval at which live tracking updates are sent (to save battery / bandwidth). Personally I would find live tracking useful not to give detailed live information about my current track, but only to act as a safety feature: if I fall off a mountain and lose consciousness, then someone can look up where I am... you only need occasional updates for that purpose. There may be other apps for this, but I would prefer not to have to remember to start up two apps when tracking a ride.

I see there is a mode where the cursor has a sort of funnel showing the direction in which you are viewing. In this mode, the funnel stays still while the map rotates. Would it be possible to have a mode where the map stays with north up, but where the funnel instead moves around, a bit like there is in OSMAnd?



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