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Display slope on map to prevent avalanches and more...

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Display slope on map to prevent avalanches and more... Empty Display slope on map to prevent avalanches and more...

Post  gcoue on Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:43 pm


As we know, during winter, avalanches are more frequent on slope between 30° & 45°.
Today, when I'm preparing a ski tour, I'm using a rule to mesure and calculate the slope of each part of the track on the map (easier on paper). I think, it would be a great security improvement, if we could have 2 different tools :
* a tool to mesure the slope between to point on the map (like distance mesure tool today)
* a way to display graphically the slope of each part of the map : explained below :

I think that the slope could maybe be displayed using an overlay dynamically generated over 2D maps using DEM ?. With a color coding with for example 2 thresholds :
* warn threshold = 30° (for example)
* max threshold : 40 ° (for example)
* good zone color (< warn) = colour to chose (ex. green light or transparency)
* warn zone color (<max & > good) = colour to chose (ex. orange light)
* over max zone color (>max) = colour to choose (ex. red light)
With this, we could see easily on the map all potentially dangerous slopes. It could be a great advantage over paper map !

Orux, do you think that's technically possible ?
I hope all is clear, because of my poor english...
Let me know if you would like more detail on this.

Regards and thanks again for all those great job done on Oruxmaps,



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