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Problem with WMS

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Problem with WMS Empty Problem with WMS

Post  S@wek Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:42 pm

Hi, I have a problem with adding a WMS map. I mean maps from http://www.hgis.cartoninjas.net/ Maps Wig 100k (Prerenderowana) and Wig 100k (WMS). On this page are listed in the Info WMS server addresses:

The maps in WGS84 (EPSG: 4326)

Maps WIG 100k

http://wms.hgis.cartoninjas.net/?source=wig4326&map=Wig100k to http://wms7.hgis.cartoninjas.net/?source=wig4326&map=Wig100k

WIG maps 100, 300 and 500k

http://wms.hgis.cartoninjas.net/?source=wig4326&map=WigAll to http://wms7.hgis.cartoninjas.net/?source=wig4326&map=WigAll

The maps in the system 1992 (EPSG: 2180)

Data prerendered:
Maps WIG 100k

http://wms.hgis.cartoninjas.net/?source=wig2180&map=Wig100k to http://wms7.hgis.cartoninjas.net/?source=wig2180&map=Wig100k

WIG maps 100, 300 and 500k

http://wms.hgis.cartoninjas.net/?source=wig2180&map=WigAll to http://wms7.hgis.cartoninjas.net/?source=wig2180&map=WigAll

I added these addresses to file wms_service and tried to add them by WMS Creator, but does not want to work.
When I add WMS by WMS Creator maps are marked in red on the menu. (Do not know if it should be).
When I add "Test" shows me a map and everything is ok, but when trying to use this map it show me only white blank fields.
At minimum zoom levels (1 or 2), it shows the entire small map from a distance but it disappear when trying to zoom in, it show me white blank fields.
Any advice on how to add one of these WMS servers so that it works?
My mobile HTC Wildfire.


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