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Showing more information on screen?

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Showing more information on screen? Empty Showing more information on screen?

Post  polypoly on Sat Feb 23, 2013 4:51 am

Oruxmaps has been improving by leaps and bounds; thanks for so much for such an awesome app!

I have two suggestions:
1) The dashboard item for map/zoom takes up too much of precious screen real estate. I think that zoom information naturally goes along with the scale bar. Can there be an option to display the zoom information with the scale bar, in the same font/size as the distance? Then I can turn off the dashboard item without losing access to the zoom information.

2) In a phone with larger screen, having two dashboard items per row with empty spaces on side is quite wasteful with space, not to mention not very aesthetically pleasing Sad Is having 3 items per row an option?


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