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A few minor improvments

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A few minor improvments Empty A few minor improvments

Post  andytodd Thu May 30, 2013 10:20 pm

Having recently used orux on a long distance walk to guide me along the route using waypoints and TTS to guide me I have the following few points

1) When performing TTS on a waypoint orux reads the text and then adds a distance, it really is not necessary for this to be to two decimal place, is it possible to either disable this distance readout, or make it so that it only quotes the distance to the nearest meter.

2) When I have two waypoints in close proximity orux does not read the second waypoint until it is outside the alarm distance fro the previous waypoint. This is not really as expected.

3) The route distance alarm appears to be an alarm distance from the nearest track point, and not the track? If so the wording could do with being changed to be route point alarm, rather than route alarm. This is only a problem if the route you are following has been trackreduced.

4) The TTD distance may (in my case be seat to read ery 1 mile), the TTS will speak "one point zero zero miles", or "zero point nine nine miles", it should just be "1 mile"

5) There appears to be a variety of states that orux will restart after it has been shut down while track recording (eg because of a battery change). Sometimes it will come back in the state it was in (track recording/follow), sometimes it wont.



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