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MapChunks FileExtension (.omc2)

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MapChunks FileExtension (.omc2) Empty MapChunks FileExtension (.omc2)

Post  Pedro Sat Sep 12, 2009 2:27 pm

Would it be possible, to use another fileextension for the MapChunks created by OruxMapsConverter?

I converted a 1:25'000 map of Switzerland, and as a result, I have about 40'000 MapChunks (.jpg) on my SDcard. That causes a problem when I try to open the album application to show the pictures I took with the photo application. It takes about 2 minutes to open it, as all directories on the sdcard are scanned.

Also the 'Photo Album widget' is useless, as it tries to show me 20 albums with 2000 pictures each, even after a long time it was still 'loading sdcard data'.

I think, there should be no problem to use a different extension, as these files are used only by OruxMaps and could easily be renamed it needed.

What about naming them name_x_x.omc2 ?


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MapChunks FileExtension (.omc2) Empty Re: MapChunks FileExtension (.omc2)

Post  orux Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:54 am

Hi, Peter

I think it is a good idea; I am going to study it!


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