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Screen always lit, and Orux as a background service

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Screen always lit, and Orux as a background service Empty Screen always lit, and Orux as a background service

Post  febs on Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:22 am

here are two feature requests for your consideration.

First: I would love to have the option - perhaps easy to turn on and off from the "menu" button - to keep the screen light rather than dim after the system timeout.
Sometimes I walk around the streets using orux as a guide - just like walking in a town with a paper map - and I hate that I need to keep touching the screen to prevent it turning off, or having to unlock the phone all the times. I know it is going to drain battery, but in some circumstances it is just what I really want to do: a map easy to read and ON, until I reach my destination.

Second: so far I found that the only way to keep orux active in background and prevent Android to kill it is to record a track. I think it would be nice to run it as a low priority service in background when you don't have to look at it all the time (opposite situation as before). When I use Orux like that, I always have to wait for it to load if I wait enough for Android to kill it, and it takes a significant amount of seconds to fire up.
What do you think about being able to force it open in background?

By the way, humanity sucks. I just had a look at how many people downloaded OruxMaps free and how many donate and it is only an insignificant fraction of the whole. Those smartphones costs hundreds of bucks and this people is not tipping two euros for such an awesome tool. Humanity really sucks big balls.


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