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track view & edit suggestions

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track view & edit suggestions Empty track view & edit suggestions

Post  captain paranoia on Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:47 pm

Track view

When following a route/track on the map, whether using GPS or not, I like to be able to see the detail of the route, without it being obscured by a drawn route line.  So, on a paper map, I draw circles around my waypoints, centred on some 'decision point' in the route.  It's usually very obvious where to go next; you simply 'join the dots'.  This is especially useful when following a path marked on the map, where a line drawn on top would obscure the detail of the path.

So, an option for 'no line' or a zero-width line would be nice.

I've found out how to add custom waypoint icons, but these appear to be placed with the bottom-left corner of the icon at the lat/long of the waypoint.  In order to draw a circle around the waypoint, we need a way to centre the graphic over the waypoint.

Also, I haven't yet found a way to select which waypoint icon is the default, so I have to change each icon after the waypoints have been created (provided I know which waypoints they are in the long list, I can tick them all and change them all at once).

Editing manual tracks

I'm used to planning routes using http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm which allows you to move points on the route, add new point, and delete unwanted points.

At the moment, I cannot find a way to do that with 'manual tracks' in Oruxmaps.  I can pick up individual waypoints and move them, but the track under them does not move.  I cannot find a way to move track points.

I'd like to see a way of picking up a waypoint or track point, and dragging it in 'rubber-band' mode to another position.

I'd also like to see a way of deleting track points, and adding new track points.  WheresThePath provides a fairly intuitive model of how this might be done.

It might also be nice to be able to select a waypoint, and edit the type (e.g. icon).


captain paranoia

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track view & edit suggestions Empty Making the track transparent

Post  captain paranoia on Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:34 am

Well, I've found part of the solution to my track display request, and that is to change the track colour, and the transparency. I can make the track colour completely transparent, or, even better (for me), make the track colour mostly transparent, but make it wider. This doesn't obscure the map detail, but the track is clear, rather like using a highlighter pen to draw a track on the map.

I've found that waypoints can be added to a track, and are somehow associated with a track, even though I've not found a way to save an edited track, and the file date on the track in 'manage tracks' doesn't seem to change. I need to check to see if these new waypoints are stored in an exported GPX file.

I still haven't found a way to edit tracks or routes.

captain paranoia

Cantidad de envíos : 9
Fecha de inscripción : 2013-05-17

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