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Better KML/KMZ support

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Better KML/KMZ support Empty Better KML/KMZ support

Post  bart47 on Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:43 am


I discover recently oruxmap, it's a very good program but i have one or two suggestions about kml/kmz support.

KML is very useful, but if yau have a very big overlay or vector, it become too heavy for your device....

On a computer you can use pyramydal overlay or index kml to solve that problem but orux map cant' use that system today.

idex kml is an easy way to load only the point / tile / vector  on your device

Is it possible to add it at oruxmap?

And an other thing

When you use kml on google Earth you can elevate your vector for a 3D seeing, is it possible to show this 3D waypoint with a specific vizualisation (dot line or something else


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