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Listening to music seems to kick off GPS after some time

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Listening to music seems to kick off GPS  after some time Empty Listening to music seems to kick off GPS after some time

Post  brianvs on Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:42 pm

Been using Oruxmaps for about a year and recently started using the TTS waypoint alarm for exploring new areas on mountain bike. This way I can hear what to do at critical intersections that I have never been to before. This is all working so far so good. Today though I thought I would listen to some music while I was riding since I had the earbuds in anyway. After 3km I stopped getting the TTS voice updates with distance, avg speed, etc. After I had traveled for what I new was at least several K I looked to see why there were no Voice status updates and it looked like the app was still trying to log the track but the map didn't seem to be tracking. The map was displaying my location several K back about where the voice updates stopped. When the map started tracking again I noticed that it was displaying a large uncertainty circle as though the GPS had just been activated. I figured that maybe I just lost satellite reception and kept on going, but after another several K the TTS status updates and waypoint alarms stopped again. This time I decided to stop the music player, and I completed the ride (another 10k or so) without the problem coming back. btw the track log shows strait lines connecting the sections that seem to have recorded properly as though the gps was feeding no data at that time. Is it possible that my phone doesn't have enough system resources to run the music player and Orux at the same time? The two running together don't take up that much RAM only about 30mb. If so how might I test that?

I use MixZing audio player, SVOX Classic TTS engine, and my phone is a Samsung y duos (not a particularly high powered unit)
I appreciate your attention and really enjoy the software!


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