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New Zealand LINZ WMS Service

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New Zealand LINZ WMS Service Empty New Zealand LINZ WMS Service

Post  tazzydemon on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:47 am

Hi Everyone in NZ or travelling there. The New Zealand Land information service now offers a WMS service which is FREE. All you have to do is register https://data.linz.govt.nz/login/?next=/my/api/

The next instruction assumes you have read the Orux instructions on how to set up a new WMS online map

Navigate to: http://data.linz.govt.nz/p/web-services/

This page will give you the entire instruction of how to get an api key (also free) by going tohttp://data.linz.govt.nz/my/api/.

Use this url as the one for Orux entry:


Fill in the rest of the parameters like zoom 1 and zoom 30 and when you get a list of layers scroll down near to the very bottom and you will find NZ Mainland Topo 50 and NZ Mainland Topo250 plus the relevant terrain reliefs. Make a WMS entry for both resolutions (can we auto switch?)

To edit just hold longer when selecting the map


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