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Displaying TotalDistance/TotalTime over all segments & other suggestions

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Displaying TotalDistance/TotalTime over all segments & other suggestions Empty Displaying TotalDistance/TotalTime over all segments & other suggestions

Post  getonce on Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:47 am

First I would like to congratulate you for this excellent application. I'm very very satisfied with it. It is without a competition that I'm aware of.

1. One thing that I still miss is displaying summary data of all segments. It is ok to show data for current segment, but i really miss the summary data for all segments when recording tracks. Either with additional data either with toggling between current segment / all segments. I'm aware that this data is displayed under statistics page, but I would like to use it the map view. Did I miss this functionality?

2. Could Grade, MinGrade, MaxGrade be displayed while tracking, to see how steep the hill is?

3. It would be nice to have the data for the last kilometer (time, speed, altitute gain...) or other unit displayed. I have got this idea when I tested the MapMyTracks site. There is a ShowSplits functionality per kilometer, where average time per each kilometer is displayed. In OruxMaps user could choose between displaying the data of current segment, all segments or "Current statistics" with data from last kilometer.

4. More a question then a suggestion: I would like to see OruxMaps statistics on my desktop. So far I haven't found a site with this functionality. I normally use EveryTrail site, but all statistics that you provide can not be displayed there (Data per segment, Graph per segment...). Can I get something like your statistics page on a desktop?

For me the segment suggestion is worth implementing, I leave the other suggestions to other users for discussion.



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