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Improved gpx and kml importing

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Improved gpx and kml importing Empty Improved gpx and kml importing

Post  MB Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:54 pm

the title says all, I hope. Today, Oruxmaps only seems to import some very basic data when importing from gpx and kml files. This was ok back in the days when Oruxmaps had no support for extended waypoint registering - today, one can add images, text etc when adding a wpt manually, but not import similar info from the mentioned file types.

Support for importing text extensions from geocaching.com gpx files would be a nice start - example of a "unofficial" gpx-file:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<gpx xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" version="1.0" creator="GPX Downloader" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0 http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0/gpx.xsd http://www.groundspeak.com/cache/1/0 http://www.groundspeak.com/cache/1/0/cache.xsd" xmlns="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/0">
   <bounds minlat="47.658983" minlon="-122.3384" maxlat="47.658983" maxlon="-122.3384" />
   <wpt lat="47.658983" lon="-122.3384">
      <desc>Totally Tubular! by Dayspring, Traditional Cache (2/1)</desc>
      <urlname>Totally Tubular!</urlname>
      <type>Geocache|Traditional Cache</type>
      <groundspeak:cache id="227780" xmlns:groundspeak="http://www.groundspeak.com/cache/1/0" available="True" archived="False">
         <groundspeak:name>Totally Tubular!</groundspeak:name>
         <groundspeak:type>Traditional Cache</groundspeak:type>
         <groundspeak:short_description html="True"><![CDATA[]]></groundspeak:short_description>
         <groundspeak:long_description html="True"><![CDATA[This cache is located close to a great playground for kids. This
park was rennovated in 2003 with the community involvement of many
residents in the neighborhood. My family assisted in the building
of the play structure, and my kids have played in the wading
pool(Open M-F, July-August) since they were crawling. There are
restrooms, tennis courts, and a drinking fountain near by. If you
bring your dog, please observe the city's leash laws.
<p>You will have to do some work to get to the actual cache. A
friend may come in handy or even a child could assist you. You
don't need any special tools, but you might need to borrow a
sandbucket from one of the toddlers in the sandpit.</p>
<p>Stay well hydrated on your quest. Especially in the winter when
the fountain is turned off. If you show up in the summer, you'll be
able to cool off in the nearby wading pool. But be careful, when
the wading pool is open, as the place is crawling with muggles.</p>
<p>Good luck!</p>
<p>P.S. If you liked this one, try Totally Tubular II
         <groundspeak:encoded_hints>Look near the fence.</groundspeak:encoded_hints>
            <groundspeak:log id="135665732">
               <groundspeak:type>Found it</groundspeak:type>
               <groundspeak:finder id="88f1ff1c-4c0d-4387-aa18-737cd04e8f4c"><![CDATA[BarefooTraveler]]></groundspeak:finder>
               <groundspeak:text><![CDATA[Tftf.  Got it just before the rain came
            <groundspeak:log id="135144064">
               <groundspeak:type>Found it</groundspeak:type>
               <groundspeak:finder id="6148c7da-b1f6-432f-bfc5-42096cc8dfbf"><![CDATA[TheKrusher]]></groundspeak:finder>
               <groundspeak:text><![CDATA[Nice hide knew where it was walking up just took some work to get it out TFTC
            <groundspeak:log id="133912346">
               <groundspeak:type>Found it</groundspeak:type>
               <groundspeak:finder id="abb001bd-eb15-49b9-a840-85eba00ae766"><![CDATA[jarrahwa]]></groundspeak:finder>
               <groundspeak:text><![CDATA[Muggles everywhere, had to be very stealthy but that's half the fun I think. 
            <groundspeak:log id="133912226">
               <groundspeak:type>Found it</groundspeak:type>
               <groundspeak:finder id="f57bbf2e-c189-4bbb-9170-fae30462d6c2"><![CDATA[WinonaJoy06]]></groundspeak:finder>
               <groundspeak:text><![CDATA[TFTC! Muggles everywhere! Great idea. Still trying to work out how to be stealthy or not have a guilty look on my face. Soupfols & Jarrawa. Visiting from Portland
            <groundspeak:log id="133792387">
               <groundspeak:type>Found it</groundspeak:type>
               <groundspeak:finder id="c912f8db-343c-47e8-9ff7-3254e2ac5109"><![CDATA[Dutzig]]></groundspeak:finder>
               <groundspeak:text><![CDATA[Das Wetter heute war richtig doof. Den ganzen Tag hat es geregnet.
Aber wir sind trotzdem durch Seattle gezogen und haben diesen schönen Cache gefunden.
Noch ein schönes technisches Spielchen.
Danke fürs Verlegen und Grüße aus Deutschland.

The weather today was correctly silly. It rained the whole day.
But we wandered in spite of that through Seattle and found this beautiful cache.
One more tecnical game. Thats funny...
Thanks for placing and greetings from Germany.

Have fun...
Dutzig  .



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