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Bug in geocaching part - version 3207

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Bug in geocaching part - version 3207 Empty Bug in geocaching part - version 3207

Post  Fuhur on Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:02 pm

Hi !

I continue to fight to move all the thing to my Galaxy S memory card.

Just to remind :
Clear installation of Orux Maps.
On startup answer No on a question about directory creation.
After that I create the same directory structure on /sdcard/sd :
Geocaching dir is :
In Settings - Application - Geocaches directory I choose :
Tab OK.
Under a white label "Geocaches directory" with blue was written :
Current value : /sdcard/sd/oruxmaps/
but I think that it is because no enough space for full path. If I tab agan there it opens right directory.
(the same is with cursors directory).

And now - if I open a map and choose menu button and choose Tools - Geocaches it shows me No elements found.
I choose Menu - Import Caches and navigate to directory where I have .gpx with a result from pocket query and choose OK.
As a result - all caches are loaded OK. I see them all.
I tab the return button to go back to the map.
And again choose Tools - Geocaches - and it shows me "No elements found" again and short message "No geocaches in database".

If I create the coresponding directory structure on /sdcard/oruxmaps/... everything works fine. After import the directory
/sdcard/sd/oruxmaps/geocaches stays empty, but every time when I enter in geocaches I see them standing there.

Hope I was useful.


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