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Using QR codes as an alternative

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Using QR codes as an alternative

Post  febs on Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:34 pm


I was thinking about using a QR code to share maps. When a user creates a map source, she could publish it on the web using a QR code. That way, from orux, one could scan from that code and download the proper configuration.

I got this idea from the program "Prefixer" (that is, adds or subtracts prefixes to phone numbers when making a call or receiving one). The program works using a set of rules (regular expressions). For instance, "if there is international prefix but NOT of those nations", then..

To help people share their rules, one that want to reuse a rule made by someone else can just QRcode-scan them, and have them imported into the program.

Maybe this could be a handy way to share map sources on Orux.



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