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FEAT. REQUEST : Multidesktop

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FEAT. REQUEST : Multidesktop Empty FEAT. REQUEST : Multidesktop

Post  neobios Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:07 am

I use OruxMaps for my bike trips.
I would find it useful to create a few things:

Create a "MultiDesktop" (like Android s.o.) with ability to scroll sideways to the right and to the left with at least 3 screens:
- One on the left side with the statistics (such as: current speed, altitude, slope, km total and partial .. better if customizable)
- One on the middle with the classical map view of OruxMaps,
- One on the right side with the chart of loaded track and altitude indicator where you are.

If possible, possibility of using physical buttons (such as the multi-cursor ..) to scroll through the screens of smart phones ..
I think it would be much more comfortable and convenient to use, instead of taking off the gloves and pressing the small buttons on the menu..

after this I think ORUXMAPS is really complete and unsurpassed !

Thanks and congratulations again !



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