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'OruxSmart' downsided OruxMaps for Smartwatches

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'OruxSmart' downsided OruxMaps for Smartwatches Empty 'OruxSmart' downsided OruxMaps for Smartwatches

Post  PeterS Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:32 pm

Dear Oruxmapper’s

Recently I backed an (standalone and/or companion) android smartwatch on Kickstarter (with GPS, with voice call , IP67 water resistant,Bluetooth 4, wifi, 2G/3G, 5M camera, G-sensor (Accelerometer), E-Compass, Gyroscope, …)

What I believe your true buddy on outdoor mountain bike/hiking/sailing trips
For this special purpose I would like to suggest a ‘downsided’ version of the Oruxmaps :


1. Display size
o Omate Truesmart (kickstarter) => 240x240 (Omate UI 1.0 / Android 4.2.2)
o …

2. Easy transfer between OruxSmart <-> OruxMaps (WiFi, Bluetooth)
o Tracklogs : OruxSmart -> OruxMaps
o TripInfo : OruxSmart -> OruxMaps
o Tracks or routes : OruxSmart <- OruxMaps
o TrackMaps : OruxSmart <- OruxMaps

3. (Gpx) track/route navigation
o Distance to next trackpoint
o Direction to next trackpoint
o Direction after next trackpoint

4. TrackMaps
o Offline satellite maps based on tracks ie 50meter left & right from the track
o Created on phone or tablet, easily transferred to smartwatch

5. ‘where to go’ map view :
o current GPS position centered on screen,
o default zoom resolution (autoscale in meters of the track to see, ie 50m around current position)
o Track / map orientation : turning with riding direction

6. (sensor or GPS) Speed, Heart rate , frequency, distance, ...

7. (after)Trip info
o Tripdistance
o total triptime,
o Total time moving
o Totalk timestanding
o Avg speed
o Max speed

8. Camera (nice to have)
o Camera selection (device camera, GoPro camera (wifi), …)
o Start/stop recording
o liveview

How I’m currently using Oruxmaps and other applications / devices / tools :

Trip preparation
• Find tracks on gpsies, wikiloc, … + Import in gpsies to fine tune
• Or create complete new track with gpsies.com
• Download track to Oruxmaps
• Create new offline map of the trackarea in Oruxmaps based on GoogleMaps satellite
• Download track to Garmin eTrex vista

If above functionalies would become available :
• Create new offline trackMap
• Download track to OruxSmart (OruxMaps -> OruxSmart)
• Download trackMap to OruxSmart (OruxMaps -> OruxSmart)

During the trip (current way of working)
• 70% of navigation done with Garmin eTrex vista ‘trackback navigation’
• 30% Oruxmaps (on the phone in the camelback) used in case of doubts and as backup
• Tracklogging : Garmin etrex vista
• GPS Tripinfo : Garmon eTrex vista
• Heartrate : Polar
• Bike speed, distance, … simple sigma bikecomputer

My wishful thinking :
• 90% of navigation done with OruxSmart ‘track/route navigation’ on Omate
• 9% of navigation done with OruxSmart ‘where to go map view’ on Omate
• 1% Oruxmaps (on the phone in the camelback, with full maps) used as backup, if for some reason a changed track has to be followed, …
• Tracklogging : OruxSmart on Omate
• GPS Tripinfo : OruxSmart on Omate
• Heartrate : OruxSmart on Omate (using Bluetooth 4.0 sensor)
• Bike speed, distance, : OruxSmart on Omate (using Bluetooth 4.0 sensor)
• Optional : Camera control (Gopro wifi): OruxSmart on Omate


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