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Possible OruxMaps error

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Possible OruxMaps error Empty Possible OruxMaps error

Post  Doug Neb Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:04 pm

I have downloaded sections of the country (55,000 tiles+) for levels of zoom 4-12 from Google Hybrid and my aeromaps.us sources using the latest version of MOBAC. I get no errors on processing or retrieval in MOBAC, but when I use the latest version of OruxMaps I have zoom offset errors using pinch.

In particularly large extracts, when I zoom using the 'pinch' to the highest resolution, and then zoom out, I am transported (from center of screen) to a region 2/3 of the total extent westward. In other cases, when I zoom to near maximum zoom levels, I am suddenly also 1000km west of the last center position, and the lat-long is accordingly changed for the current location. If I use the icon for zoom it tends to work with the Google Hybrid, though sometimes I am not able to zoom to the highest captured level (I am at Zoom 10 and + only makes it 120% of 10, instead of progressing to 11 or 12 which should be in the collection.

I defined a region from Minneapolis MN to Richmond VA in Google Hybrid in MOBAC. Load folder in SQLite to OruxMaps. Zoom to level 12 progressively in a location near Wash DC. Pinch-Zoom out one level, and I am centered south of Cincinnati, 500 miles west. I know that the tile system as viewed via js clients like OpenMaps and GoogleMaps API is correct all the way down, so it is not an error in the creation program for the tiles (aeromaps.us) - the source data are good. I believe I am seeing two problems - 1) MOBAC might not be able to create a correct index for so many tiles, and 2) OruxMaps is not handling the pinch gesture for zoom in/out properly.

Doug Neb

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Possible OruxMaps error Empty Re: Possible OruxMaps error

Post  Psycogeek Wed Apr 20, 2011 9:28 am

i find that most of the maps are on position when created with MOBAC, even via layers and layers, and hopping to maps with other layers , from even other types of maps.
but i have resistive screen, so no possibility of pinch.

are you noticing that when you "pinch" that it is centering on just one of "your fingers" ? possibly instead of centered of both fingers


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