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convert raw OSM instead of d/l tiles?

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convert raw OSM instead of d/l tiles? Empty convert raw OSM instead of d/l tiles?

Post  Sextant on Tue May 10, 2011 11:44 am

MOBAC seems fine for smaller areas, but I would like to use larger areas of OSM-Data. Understandably the OSM-server limit huge tile-downloads, so I would liek to create the tiles directly from the raw data, resulting in files compatible with Orux. Geofrabrik offeres raw data for d/l segmented by region (free).
Do you know any way doing this? My d/l with MOBAC would take the next 4weeks ;-)
OruxMaps is really interesting, btw, I used Garmin handhelds and a rugged (water/shockproof) WinMobile 6 PDA with different programs, and I don't regret switching to Android.
Keep the good work up ;-)
Thanks - any hints appreciated, Sextant


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