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Suggested Improvements: HSI indication

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Suggested Improvements: HSI indication Empty Suggested Improvements: HSI indication

Post  fabio5107 Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:53 pm

Hi there,
ongratulations for your fantastic program.
I use to fly with microlight.
It would be useful a indication like HSI used in aviation:
an arrow pointing straight ahead to the next point in the active route,
the central part of the arrow moves laterally in proportion to how much i'am out of track (the magnitude of my lateral distance from the active segment of the track).
This would help me counteract the effects of wind, that even if I hold the nose of the plane to a point, makes me drift sideways.Suggested Improvements: HSI indication Hsi


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Suggested Improvements: HSI indication Empty Re: Suggested Improvements: HSI indication

Post  Icarus Wed Sep 28, 2011 1:25 pm

Here`s some screenshots from an old Palm flying application called FlightMaster -

Suggested Improvements: HSI indication HSIPage

Note the small blue triangle that points to the next waypoint. The ETE field can be tapped on to change from ETE - ETA - UTC current time or Local time. Each has a slightly different format to avoid confusion.

The HSI representation on terrain is particularly effective -

Suggested Improvements: HSI indication Mappage

This terrain is rendered on-the-fly using colourised DTED. The airspace is rendered from vector data from a global airspace database.

Food for thought for some useful aviation features.


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