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Cache-File on external sd-card

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Cache-File on external sd-card Empty Cache-File on external sd-card

Post  saltletts Sun Jul 01, 2012 9:35 am


At the first: Sorry for my (bad?) english... I love the oruxmap-app, with all the fantastic functions. Its the best gps-app i found. But there is one thing, that makes very much troubles.

The cache-file feature for online-maps is a very great idea. But this file grow up to a very big big file, with each use. I have the smartphone "samsung galaxy s plus", it have only 4,79 GB internal space (remember, all the other apps have to be installed there).

But i have a great idea: Buy a external sd-card with 32 gb memory (this is the maximum limit for the galaxy s plus). But in the configuration there is no way to change the install-folder for the cache-file. Only the install-folder for the offline-maps. To use the offline-maps is only a limited possibility (for me). Then the greatful function to create offline-maps with oruxmaps has one big handicap ==> the size-limit with 500 MB. Why??

I dont know what the cause is of it. But it allows only to create very small maps (or bigger maps with only low zoom-levels). This is absolutly not useful. PLEASE.... make it possible to configure the install-folder for the cache-file (so it can set to the external sd-card). Or alternative: lift the (very low) 500 mb limit, so the user can create bigger maps.

Please.... Thank you...


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Cache-File on external sd-card Empty Re: Cache-File on external sd-card

Post  mimichris Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:39 am

I'm like, I love you as the designer of Oruxmap corrects this problem so I can access the maps files on the "external_sd" memory card.


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