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gpx / waypoint navigation enhancements

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gpx / waypoint navigation enhancements Empty gpx / waypoint navigation enhancements

Post  ggddpp Mon May 20, 2013 8:32 am

First of all thanks a ton for such a wonderful application.

I have been using oruxmaps for offroad 4x4 car navigation in racing where we have to follow predecided route via gpx waypoints. Sometimes it happens that the waypoints created on the computer are far away than the actual road and thus I have to navigate to the next waypoint. Orux has this feature to navigate to the next waypoint via the pulldown menu. However, being on the wheel in offroad conditions, the task at times becomes virtually impossible to accomplish. Car has to be stopped and then the same can be done. Oruxmaps has another beautiful feature where the side bar buttons can be changed as per requirement of the user. These are really user friendly buttons where your mission can be accomplished by the press of single button. Unfortunately, waypoint navigation buttons dont feature in these bars. Ah......

It would be great if these waypoint navigation buttons (and various other buttons that come via pull down menu) are also made available in the side buttons to the user. I presume it would be a small code but it would make a lot of difference in the user experience where the user wishes to personalize the app as per his/her needs.

Also it would be great if actual distance travelled from last navigated waypoint is incorporated in the dashboard. Orux has this feature of distance to the next waypoint. Well it is as the crow flies. But in road racing, the distance between the waypoints is known to us if a particular track is being followed. It would be helpful to the offroad racing community as they would be able to calculate the exact distance left up to the next waypoint.

One more enhancement. At present I am using an external application in order to disable touch so as to negate any accidental touch on the screen. OsmAnd has this feature to lock the screen and it reflects on the status bar of the application. Wonder if the same can be incorporated.

Once again thanks for the wonderful application. Its made life easier for many of us.....


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gpx / waypoint navigation enhancements Empty Re: gpx / waypoint navigation enhancements

Post  Icarus Mon May 20, 2013 11:46 am

+1 for increased Buttons bar customisation.

Another desired option in the Buttons bar is Next Wpt and Prev Wpt.

This would save at least one extra menu selection to get to the function. Basically anything available via menu drop-down would be handy to customise into the Buttons bar.


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