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Several Issues with OruxMapDesktop

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Several Issues with OruxMapDesktop Empty Several Issues with OruxMapDesktop

Post  pedja Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:38 am

There are some issues I am struggling with this application:

- It does not save last used directory, so each time when i start it I have to navigate through disk to find where files are. It would be really helpful if it can remember last used directory as it is more likely that next app use will require the same directory or one nearby. If it saves history of recently used directories that would be even better.
If it saves other settings like destination directory, file format, quality, multilayers, etc. that would be awesome!

- I do not know it if is me or it is bug, but I cannot use custom set datums. I have datum named in OziExplorer differently than in OruxMapsDesktop so it always report unknown datum and I have to select datum manually. I found out datums.txt and Ozi2Orux.txt, tried to make adjustments using them but id did not work. OruxMapsDesktop is stubborn claiming unknown datum. Hopefully it is just different name, but what if I have to use some datum not listed in OruxMapsDesktop?

- JPG maps georeferenced using world file format may have extensions .jpw and .jgw (content is the same, just file extension differ). OruxMapsDesktop recognizes the first extension, but later is ignored. For some reason, I frequently meet the second extension, so I have to rename manually and then keep sync with other extension. It would really help if OruxMapsDesktop could load both extensions. Again, content of the file is the same, the only difference is extension in file name.

- When loading JPG file with world file calibration, OruxMapsDesktop seems to disregard existence of third file with extension .prj, which contains all info about datum and projection of the map, and reports unknown datum. Although, it may be the same reason it does not recognize datum as with OziExplorer - due to difference in datum name. As .prj file is there, OruxMapsDesktop should load it, and if datum does not match known datum use it as custom datum (.prj file contains all needed info for datum and projection definition).


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