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Idea probably easy to implement!

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Idea probably easy to implement! Empty Idea probably easy to implement!

Post  febs on Fri Jul 05, 2013 9:12 am

This should make EASIER to load WMS services into Orux.

The only problem with importing WMS maps into Orux is copying those long, looong WMS URLS into the app.
You can type the looong url byte by byte. This is prone to errors and boring. Or,
You can browse to the WMS url via any android browser, then cut and paste the URL. This looks easier, but most sites are NOT mobile-friendly and navigating to the URL and fine selecting the right text is still boring and time consuming. Or,
You can open the XML file in a computer editor and configure it there.

All the tree options are quite unpractical.
Here is my suggestion:
to allow Oruxmaps to be able to follow shortened URLS.
For instance, this, that I created to share it with other people:

It leads to the Italian Military Maps service. Typing *that* into Orux is quite fast. Way shorter and faster than typing THIS:

Unfortunately I just tried to use my shortened URL into Orux and it failed (it expected an actual WMS service rather than a redirect).
Orux, what do you think about this?



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