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General navigation improvements

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General navigation improvements Empty General navigation improvements

Post  pedja Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:44 pm

Program should be able to turn on GPS if it is not already on. There should be an option to set that GPS is to be turned on automaticaly when application starts.

Program should be able to automatically start recording track. That is what outdoor GPS-es normally do. When GPS is on, it is supposed to record active track. that is it's main purpose. Als when user turns off OruxMaps and alter turns it on, track recording should continue.

I guess this requires already asked option to be able to work with several track at once. That is how conventional GPS works: there is active track that records current movements and number of other tracks that are used for displaying or navigating. User can save active track anytime, clear it and continue recording.

When user scrolls map, program should switch to display map mode. If track is recording it should go on recording, but without any attempts to set map position to current position. When user finishes scrolling map, he should get back to navigation screen. that is how outdoor GPS-es work. OruxMaps does not.

In OruxMaps, If user scrolls map, it stays scrolled just until another position is read. Then map is automatically set back to show current position. That is annoying, because, if user scrolled map, that is because he needs it, for instance to check something on other part of the map. He should not fight with program about scrolling.

In quite short time I use this program, it made me go crazy several times, when it reset position i scrolled to. To be able to look at the map, I have to turn off GPS, and then I loose track recording.

Can you add more readable cursors? When map is colorful or full of details, cursors are hardly noticeable.

OruxMaps has great option to hide buttons and information bars. That is really helpful. However, there is third kind of information, those that should stay visible all the time. For instance, i like to see GPS precision information all the time, also current speed, height, bearing, and similar info is really needed all the time. It is possible to put these fields in bottom bar and set it to be always visible, but, then, all other information must be removed (just to gain readability). So, I guess third bottom bar that would be always visible, to at least visible when GPS is on, would be helpful.

There is also problem with font size in bottom bar. Letters and digits are too small to be readable by glance especially when one is actually navigating. Instead of being able to check info by glance, one has to concentrate, and stare at screen, and usually has to stop moving. You should check out user interface of some outdoor and automotive GPS devices and use their experience for this purpose. I strongly suggest Garmin eTrex and even Oregon as models of good and readable navigation interface.


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