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waypoint autonumbering

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waypoint autonumbering Empty waypoint autonumbering

Post  pedja Sat Jul 28, 2012 6:54 am

My Garmin GPS has very useful option of autonumbering waypoints on creation, so I di not have to type in waypoint name if there is no need for custom description.

I would like to have similar option in OrixMaps.

I use OruxMaps to record bike trails. As I gather lots of inforamtion for each waypoint i do not enter data in Oruxmaps as that is hard to do on small sreen and while tumbling around. I just record waypoint as number and write down all details on paper. That is much quickier and easier to do. Later, when I am at the PC, I sync recorded waypoint with paper notes and assemble proper data.

What I need is this:

- New waypoint gets number incremented by one against previously recorded waypoint.

- Waypoint can have any text as name but it should end with number for autoincrement to work. Autoincremented name for the next waypoint should have the same prefix but number part incremented.

- Autoincrementing does not have to be automatic. Button that creates incremented waypoint name would also do well.


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waypoint autonumbering Empty Re: waypoint autonumbering

Post  theksmith Fri Aug 17, 2012 10:49 pm



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