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Flying features for pilots

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Flying features for pilots Empty Flying features for pilots

Post  frnandu Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:34 am


I'm a trike and hanggliding pilot, and I'm also a day-job android programmer.
I've been using oruxmaps for some time now during my flying, and it is great and very useful.
The possibility for using  custom maps and overlaying some kml (for airspace and landing places) is the thing I was searching for in other flying/pilot apps and didn't find.
A huge thanks for your work and effort into making this app available and for keep improving it according to users suggestions.

Of course oruxmaps it is not specialized for flying/pilots. There are many features which other apps have which even though not critical necessary, would be very nice to have, and I think could turn oruxmaps into a top app for pilots.

Some of these features I would personally like to have:

1) For devices with barometer (I use SGS4) an altitude adjustment by specifying QNH pressure. During flying, a very basic need for safety is to set the correct QNH region value, so that we have an altitude AMSL indicator which is common between all flying vehicles in the region, and also for Airspace avoidance (vertical limits usually given in AMSL). I think this should be quite simple to implement, since there's already an option for setting altitude (barometer based) in meters. Since the QNH value is changed during flying (provided by radio contact from flying authorities), the option for setting it should be easily accessible from a side button.

2)  Vertical Profile View, ex:

(this is an idea based from pocketFMS easyVFR app )
The possibility to view airspace, obstacles (tower etc) and terrain in a vertical perspective would be incredible useful.
This for sure requires a bit of work and also some way of loading airspace vertical limits information, wether it is from a OpenAir format or just from a KML file. But I think it's doable.

3) Relevant Airspace filtering: which means hiding all the airspace elements which do not concern us during our planned flight. This means the possibility of specifying a planned flying altitude and hiding airspace which are above and/or below our route. And also dynamic airspace capabilities, i.e. airspace elements which can be temporarily reserved during small periods of time and when NOT reserved also should be excluded from visible airspace on the map. Usually this daily information for dynamic airspace is available online.

.... and for sure other features which we could get inspiration from flying dedicated apps like pocketFMS and Air Navigation Pro

I don't know exactly what is the author(s) policy on letting community users contributing on the code, but if possible I would like very much to be able to help implementing this features which for me would be very nice, and also I think for other flying pilots which use oruxmaps. It could even convince pilots which pay for non-free apps requiring flying features to give oruxmaps a try...
Let me know what are your general feeling about these ideas.


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