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Some notes about OruxMaps user interface

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Some notes about OruxMaps user interface Empty Some notes about OruxMaps user interface

Post  pedja Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:08 am

it is grat to see taht OrucMaps becomes better and more usable with each version. Congtats on that!

Here are some notes about improvements and missing features that would be good to have:


There should be some visual interpretation of current profile. That should be something that does not occupy space on map display. Now user has to go to profile manager to checkout which profile is active

There is option Save Preferences in Preferences menu. It is not clear does that relate to current profile or not. If tis option saves settings for current profile that it would bebetter if it is titled Save profile [profile_name]


Map menu is not scrollable any more which is much better, but it is stil hard to use it while driving or riding bike, or even walking. One has to stop and concentrate to selecting options as buttons are small and hard to click while moving.

Thing is there is no need to look at the menu while using map, and when we need to use menu we do not need to look at the map. Those two options are mutualy exclusive so there is no need to try to keep them both visible at the same time.

Menu should be full screeen, with large buttons, so it is easy to use. Also, it would be good to use hardware button to activate menu as that is easiest way to access it while moving.


Having two dashboards (main and top is great). Hoverer, options to customize them are adifferent: main dashboard can have large number of fileds and much wider selectin of information that could be dipslayed. Also, contents of main dashboard may change in different map modes. Top dashboard is always the same and there is narrow selection of informations that may be displayed.

However, main dashboard is not suitable for use. IT gets clutered with lots of information and actually hides the map. And changing dashboard contents regarding map mode just makes confusion.

I suggest main dashboard to have static number of fileds like top dashboard. Both should be uses just of necessary information that is realy needed while using map. Other informations that are just ocasionaly needed should be moved to third dashboard which is full screen or even separate screen (whole screen without map). Various GPS device have that as some kind of trip computer which is easily accessible from map view, so youse can quckly switch from map view to trip computer and vice versa. It would be even better if we have more additional screens so we can easily sort out trip computer data.

OruxMaps, actually has something like this called Radar but it is buried deep in menus and very hard to use while driving, riding bike or moving on foot. it shoul dbe quickly accessible from map screen. Also it should be customizable by user.

Another thing with dashboard I find not quite user friendly are icons that represent fields. Icons are not suitable as it is hard to remember them all. It is much better to use simple text captions. Aslo, font used to display dashoard info is too narrow and hard to read.


There is need for option to turn on GPS and tracking automaticaly as soon as OruxMaps is started. That is default behaviour for GPS device. It's main purpose is to display and record GPS data, and there shoul dnot be need that user must turn that on manually. This is really a problem if you are driving, riding bike or moving on foot, as it actually needs several clicks through menus to get GPS turned on and recording.


SCale is displayed in bottom left of the map as thick line representing scale of the map. It is hardly usable as it shows unnatural scales (for example when I use my maps scale shows 0.24km, 0.32km, 0.48km, 0.63km, 0.79km, 0.95km, 1.9km, 3.8km, etc..). It shoule show scales which are more sutiable like 200m, 250m, 300m, 500m, 1km, 2km, 3 km, 4km....

Also, colour of the scale line is hard to see on coloured maps.


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