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Wrong data after merging

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Wrong data after merging Empty Wrong data after merging

Post  lothibai Wed May 30, 2012 9:59 pm

I have had a hiking tour and started tracking in the morning giving a name to the track. When making a pause I stopped tracking to save battery. After the pause I started recording again. Because of low battery I had to stop again to change the battery. Then I started again recording. When restarting the program did not ask if a new segment or a new track should be started. It started a new track, but I gave no name.
At the end I had three tracks: the first starting in the morning having a name, one starting at noon with standard name and one starting in the afternoon also with standard name.
After merging the statistics showed that the merged track started in the afternoon lasting only 1 hour. It was named with the standard name of the afternoons track.
I would have expected that it would be named with name of the first track and that the start time would be the start time of the morning track. Also the height graphs were composed in the wrong order.
What has to be done to merge tracks to have the name of the first track and the correct statistic data?


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