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Optimization of map size

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Optimization of map size Empty Optimization of map size

Post  JonasB Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:57 pm

I have made an off-line map with Mobile Map Creator over an island that's going from north east to south west so 50% of my map is ocean.
Could it be possible to add some function so you in OruxMaps can choose a different shape than a square to save memory?



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Optimization of map size Empty Re: Optimization of map size

Post  Psycogeek Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:57 am

its not an answer, but it might help
when you make the maps in the Sq type databse, they are stored as 90% jpeg compression, and with jpeg when there isnt a lot of changes in the detail or colors , it does not require a lot of space, still space wasted, just not horrible, depending on how the map displays the water, would depend on how far it compresses, you can check out how it would act by doing a jpeg save in a photo program, if i was to guess and average it would be about 10%.

Many of the mapmaking things were not able to cut out the miles of oceans i have on my coastal regions either , with rectangular maps, but after checking the quanity of data , we were able to not sweat the small stuff, when we saw the actual number differences.
When stuck with a lot of ocean, and MANUALLY creating the map, we could further the compression, by Blueing out the whole ocean to just a single dark blue, wasnt worth the work, but it shrinked it a tiny bit again.

sorry that isnt an answer, but if your stuck with square now, mabey it makes living with it easier :-)


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