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2 Tracks in 1 ?!? Can it be divided?

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2 Tracks in 1 ?!? Can it be divided? Empty 2 Tracks in 1 ?!? Can it be divided?

Post  tobi92 Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:43 am

About 4 weeks ago I recorded a track of about 95 kilometers. I uploaded that track to gpsies. Everything worked fine. Two weeks later I recorded a shorter track - about 3-4 kilometers in another region using a different map extract. When I was home there I forgot to stop the recording, so that I stopped it about 1 hour after I came home - maybe the gps signal was lost at that time. But it said that the track was saves in the database.
Some days ago I was about to upload the short track to gpsies but it's NOT saved in the track-database (German: Routen-> "Verwalten").
Only the long 95kilometers-track is there. Opening the statistics of that track I reckognized that Start time is th 6th of July and the Ending time is the 20th of July. So both tracks were mixed up in one! Maybe also the kilometers were summed - I dont know exactly because the second track is so short. But while the period of that track is 2 weeks in July, the lenght of that track is given as only 5:57 hours. Maybe thats the pure ride time of both tracks.

The displayed track on gpsies is only the 95 kilometer single track, maybe because I uploaded this one before the 20th of July, the day when I took the short tour.
When I am now choosing the track of the 6th of July in Orux Maps, BOTH tracks are displayed, in those 2 different regions on two different map extracts with NO connection between them.

Is there any chance to clearly divide those from each other? I mean those are displayed seperatly allthough both are saved in one tracklog in orux maps. May anobody of you help me, please?


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